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Laiko (Popular) Lottery Main Facts

Laiko (Popular) Lottery Main Facts

It was established in 1941.

A draw is held every week (on Tuesdays, at 19:00 - OPAP Channel in YouTube).

It is sold in sets of 5 at the price of €10, or as individual tickets at the price of €2 per ticket.

All tickets of each set of 5 belong to the same series and are distinguished by letters Α, Β, Γ, Δ, Ε of the Greek alphabet.
At least 60% of its sales is returned to the players.



All tickets that their number has an odd or even last digit, depending on whether the last digit of the grand ticket is odd (1,3,5,7,9) or even (0,2,4,6,8) win €10.

Laiko (Popular) Lottery is a weekly jackpot game of autonomous draws that are conducted every Tuesday. 800,000 lottery tickets participate in the draw, regardless of the number of tickets that are finally purchased by the players.

If the grand ticket is sold, there is a winner for that particular draw. If the grand ticket is not sold, there is a jackpot and the distributed amount that has accumulated up to that particular draw is transferred to the next draw and added to the total amount of triplet winnings


The new printed format of LAIKO LOTTERY comes to offer players the possibility to partially configure the number of their choice, while ensuring better distribution by printing the ticket directly in Hellenic Lotteries S.A. collaborating points, on thermal paper.
The printed tickets will properly participate in each LAIKO LOTTERY draw by bringing on its body all the necessary details of the draw.
The LAIKO LOTTERY tickets that will be available in this format are from the pool of the unprinted lottery tickets.LAIKO NUMBERS (that are available in the new printed format)
The tickets will be available only in set of five, i.e., each ticket worth €10 and it is consisted of five pieces worth €2 each, exactly as per current offering.
The available choices are the following:
Select a specific last digit (0-9)
Select a specific thousand (0-80)
Select a combination of specific thousand (0-80) & last digit (0-9)
Random number
Random odd number
Random even number



All odd last digits (5 tickets) – offered only in Opap Stores 
All even last digits (5 tickets) – offered only in Opap Stores 
Triplet (3 tickets) – offered only in Opap Stores
Random number in all series (10 tickets) – offered only in Opap Stores
* Collaborating points of sale can be OPAP Stores, mini markets, kiosks and gas stations.
Find here the points of sale in small retail of the new printed format.


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Draws Calendar 2024

Special Rules

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2nd special draw Laiko Prize Structure 2024

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See the Laiko Prize Structure_April 2022 here.



Next Draw: Tuesday 18th of June 19:00
Broadcasted Live on the OPAP YouTube channel

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