Laiko (Popular) Lottery Main Facts

Laiko (Popular) Lottery Main Facts

It was established in 1941.

A draw is held every week (on Tuesdays, at 19:00 - OPAP Channel in YouTube).

It is sold in sets of 5 at the price of €10, or as individual tickets at the price of €2 per ticket.

All tickets of each set of 5 belong to the same series and are distinguished by letters Α, Β, Γ, Δ, Ε of the Greek alphabet.
At least 60% of its sales is returned to the players.



All tickets that their number has an odd or even last digit, depending on whether the last digit of the grand ticket is odd (1,3,5,7,9) or even (0,2,4,6,8) win €10.

Laiko (Popular) Lottery is a weekly jackpot game of autonomous draws that are conducted every Tuesday. 800,000 lottery tickets participate in the draw, regardless of the number of tickets that are finally purchased by the players.

If the grand ticket is sold, there is a winner for that particular draw. If the grand ticket is not sold, there is a jackpot and the distributed amount that has accumulated up to that particular draw is transferred to the next draw and added to the total amount of triplet winnings

The sales network asks from Hellenic Lotteries particular numbers of tickets to promote them to the final players. Hellenic Lotteries prints and distributes the tickets in accordance with the demand of the sales network. Currently, from the 800,000 tickets participating in the draw, 400,000 tickets are printed and distributed to the sales network. Tickets that traditionally the retail network of Hellenic Lotteries does not buy due to the fact that there is no demand for them by the players (namely, tickets beginning with 0 or 00, or including zeros or consecutive identical numbers etc.) are included in the tickets that are not printed.

This quantity may be differentiated depending on the demand of Laiko (Popular) Lottery.


The tickets’ numbers that are currently not being printed are presented.


Draws Calendar 2023

Special Rules


ΟΔΗΓΟΣ 1ης Ειδικής Κλήρωσης Λαϊκού Λαχείου_Ιούνιος 2022

Σύστημα Διανομής Κερδών 1ης Ειδικής Κλήρωσης_Ιούνιος 2022


Δείτε το νέο Σύστημα Διανομής κερδών που θα ισχύει από την 15η κλήρωση εδώ

Δείτε τον τρέχοντα Οδηγό που θα ισχύει από την 15η κλήρωση εδώ

Οδηγός 3ης Ειδικής Κλήρωσης Λαϊκού Λαχείου

Σύστημα Διανομής Κερδών 3ης Ειδικής Κλήρωσης Λαϊκού Λαχείου

Next Draw: Tuesday 7th of February 19:00
Broadcasted Live on the OPAP YouTube channel