On the 30th of June with every ticket you choose you win!

All the last digits win in the 26th draw of LAIKO! With minimum winning of 5€ for the last digit and total draw winnings of 3.500.000€, there will be no losing ticket in the draw!

As every week, additionally to the main draw for the grand ticket, a second draw for a winning prize of 100,000€ takes place, with all the other tickets with same number with the 100,000€ winning ticket in the rest nine series winning 500€ each.


The price of the ticket will be 10€ (2€ per voucher).

The draw of Laiko will be broadcasted live on Tuesday June 30th, at 19.00 through the OPAP Channel on YouTube.

Παρατίθενται οι αριθμοί των λαχνών που αυτή τη στιγμή δεν τυπώνονται.

Οδηγός Λαϊκού Λαχείου Όλοι οι λήγοντες κερδίζουν Ιούνιος 2020

Σύστημα Διανομής Κερδών Όλοι οι λήγοντες κερδίζουν Ιούνιος 2020

Next Draw: Tuesday 14th of July 19:00
Broadcasted Live on the OPAP YouTube channel