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National Lottery - Now Even Better!


The National Lottery is the most historic game in Greece, as it has been in circulation since 1937, for more than 80 years.


It is the only game in which each player has his own personal number that he can keep for as long as he wishes.


The National Lottery is released in 5 Editions each year, lasting about 2.5 months each.


There are 184,000 unique numbers in each release. Each ticket represents a number.


In each Edition there are consecutive Draws with many intermediate prizes. When a number is drawn, it then exits the game, increasing the chances to win for the remaining numbers in the game, until the last draw of each Edition, where the guaranteed top prize of 1,000,000€ is drawn.


The lottery circulates for every Draw in dozens (10-piece bills) worth 40€ each. The value of each ticket of a dozen is 4€ and the player can participate with one to ten tickets of the same number.



Each Edition has 4 Draws, each of which includes sub-draws (Phases) in which one or more lucky numbers are drawn. As the Draw progresses, its sub-draws increase. The last Draw (D') has the most sub-draws as well as the guaranteed top prize of 1,000,000€.



If, after a Draw, the number of the player is not drawn, the player continues to play the same number.

The player buys the next Draw’s ticket from his agent no later than one day before the first sub-draw. The date of the first sub-draw appears on the ticket, at the bottom of the winning table, as well as on the National Lottery website.


Prizes and winnings table

After each draw day, based on its results and the Profit Distribution System, a list of winnings is available on the website (in the "Draws" section) and at all points of sale of the National Lottery.


The table includes all the winnings of the draw day in all available prize categories.

The winnings of the National Lottery include:

  • The guaranteed top prize of 1,000,000€ on the last day of each Edition
  • Prizes from 10,000€ to 100,000€ in the first draws of each draw day
  • Prizes from 300€ to 5,000€ and
  • Last digit prizes, ranging from 80€ to 160€, depending on the Draw

There is also the benefit of a free first Draw of the next Edition, which is won by half the buyers (odds or even) who did not win in the draws of the Edition, with the prerequisite of participation in all 4 Draws of the Edition.


From January 2019 (Edition 242) the National Lottery is upgraded, as it now features:

  • Only 4 renewals (from 6),
  • Double the Draws with prizes of 10,000€ or more, in each sub-draw,
  • 100 prizes in each sub-draw (instead of 60)


Will you also participate in the most personalized and exciting draw game?