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General description of the game


The Laiko ("Popular Lottery") is a JACKPOT game of autonomous weekly draws that take place every Tuesday.

Each ticket is separate and diversified according to 3 elements:

  1. The series
  2. The number
  3. and the letter

The laiko lottery can be purchased in sets of 5 tickets worth €10 as well as in individual tickets worth €2 each (1/5).

The GRAND TICKET emerges from the Tuesday draw. A specific ticket with the same series, number and letter is the winning ticket!

This means that you can be a Grand Ticket winner with just €2!

Each time a winner is not found, the JACKPOT amount is transferred to the following draw and actually an extra amount of €200,000 is added to the Grand Ticket each time!

If there is no JACKPOT, that is, if the Grand Ticket drawn corresponds to a ticket that has been sold, then the Grand Ticket of the draw is additionally funded with extra winnings through an extra draw.

Two numbers are drawn in the extra draw. If these numbers are exactly the same as the last two digits of the winning number (e.g. 02), then €1,700,000 are added to the Grand Ticket! But even if the numbers are in reverse order (e.g. 20), then €700,000 are added to the Grand Ticket.


Table of winnings

After each draw, a table of winnings is drawn up and made available on this web page (in the "Draws" section), at all points of sale as well as street vendors.

The table includes a detailed list of winnings in all of the winnings categories and is available here.