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The Laiko is revamped!

The Laiko ("Popular Lottery") is now giving away additional 100.000€ guaranteed to one winner every week. .

What is changing?

  • Every week one guaranteed winner is drawn, who wins 100.000€. This winning is additional to the big winning / JACKPOT of the game
  • The guaranteed winner comes from a second draw that takes place after the main draw for the big winning / JACKPOT of the game
  • In case that the drawn ticket for the 100.000€ has not been sold, the draw will be repeated until a sold ticket is found
  • Medium winnings are increased. The tickets that win 1.000€ increase from 50 to 300 per week.

The weekly draws for the big winning / JACKPOT continue as usual.

Additionally, the winnings for the last digits remain as is.